For those on the go.

Rase McCray is a writer and musician. Most of his writings wish to be poignant fairy tales when they grow up.

For those with more time on their hands.

I studied writing, literature, and music composition at Pacific Lutheran U, UCincinnati, and Hollins U.

I grew up in West Yellowstone, MT, where the buffalo roam. I can see America’s first national park from my house. Yet I did not enjoy nature until I was much older.

I play piano, guitar, and bass. I learned in college that it could be extremely lucrative to be a bassist because everyone needs you to play in their band. But when you are a student, and do not care for the bass, being asked to always play in someone’s band and not saying “no” makes for a very time-intensive hobby, which in turn takes away from your time doing homework, practicing other instruments, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.

I read a lot. I watch many movies. I attend many plays. I am very opinionated about such things, and such opinionatedness generally carries into most aspects of my life, though I have learned that sometimes it is better to say “I loved it” than to criticize.

I currently live with my wife in Connecticut, which is far away from anywhere else I have lived.

I write things. I am fond of the spelling “wright” as in “playwright” because it means builder. I believe writing is a lot more like building than it is like writing. I write things that are not quite real because I enjoy imagining, and I hope that readers feel the same.

Thanks for reading.