The Office video game spinoff?!?!?

I had a dream last night that I was playing a video game. The game was really special. It was sort of deliberately crafted lo-fi 3-D graphics, somewhere between MineCraft and the Lego games. The genre was a beat-em-up, but with some complex RPG leveling and skill trees.

But here’s where the game gets awesome: It was based on The Office. The title was “The Office: Bloody Rampage, by Dwight Schrute” (Dwight created the game, i guess) and the basic plot was that terrorists had kidnapped all of the characters on The Office except for Dwight, who then goes on a rampage so anger-filled that it causes him to develop superhero martial arts fighting skills—though still somewhat awkwardly.

Via MurderDoll-107666 on DeviantArt:

Via MurderDoll-107666 on DeviantArt:

I also really enjoyed the structure of the game. At first, Dwight was the only playable character, and he was tracking the terrorists down, working his way up the terrorist chain of command on each level—a simultaneous search for his friends and a mission of revenge on the kidnapping organization. So each level ended with a boss fight against the team leader, then the regional leader, then divisional leader, etc., and was rewarded with a twist on the familiar “Your princess is in another castle” theme when Dwight was only able to rescue one of his Office mates: first Toby, then Phyllis, then Meredith, etc. as he worked his way up through the coworkers he didn’t like to the coworkers he did like. His stated goal was to rescue Michael Scott, his best friend.

Michael Scott

Two things created nice twists: early on, Dwight rescued Jim, who then becomes a playable character in his own right, and the two could even be played co-op as Jim helped Dwight fight the terrorists to rescue Pam (whose hand Michael grabbed when the terrorists arrived, yelling “come with me and I’ll rescue you” while hiding behind her).


The second twist was that rescued Office mates on the second-to-last level were Michael and Pam, creating a momentary false triumph until Dwight realizes that one person still hasn’t been rescued—Angela, the love of his life. Further, it turns out that the reason for this is that the mastermind behind the terrorist organization is none other than The Senator, Robert Lipton, Angela’s old beau, who is using the terrorist kidnapping to increase his ratings with the public! Dwight must destroy The Senator to expose his dastardly deeds and become the hero that Angela deserves—as he rescues her!!

The Senator

Then I woke up.