Lost things mixed tape, side b

I’m losing my mind. I wake up tired even though I’ve slept for eight hours. I have trouble focusing. Depression? Allergies? Too much TV? Either way, I’ve done it again: I left my lunch on the train.

A lunch is replaceable (hey look, I found another lunch lying here in the hands of the employee behind the Subway counter!), but it’s a shame because it doesn’t help anyone. When I lost my coat, I could at least imagine that someone perhaps in need would give it a new home. It wasn’t a particularly warm coat, but it was impermeable to the rain and quite stylish. But a lunch, especially one of half-eaten leftovers, just sits there, perhaps going bad before ultimately being thrown away. It’s wasteful, and I feel bad about it.

And then when I got home, I saw the flowers I’d bought my wife for our upcoming anniversary—lovely yellow roses in a short, square butter-colored vase.

A bouquet of yellow roses in a yellow vase with a yellow ribbon

Only, these weren’t the flowers I’d ordered, I don’t think. I’d looked at these flowers, contemplated them fully, and ultimately decided on a bunch of daisies (one of my wife’s favorites) in a tall, teardrop-shaped, bright yellow vase. I think.

I haven’t yet talked to the florist, so I can’t figure out how we ended up with flowers that are in many ways the opposite of what I ordered—all the odder because this exact bouquet was my narrowly eliminated second choice.

Its likely a mistake or a lack of stock, and the appearance of my impossible-for-them-to-have-known second choice is mere yellow-themed coincidence. The effect, though, is one of conspiratorial confusion. I feel like I’m living The Game [link], and the world’s out to convince me that I’m crazy. Perhaps soon I’ll discover posts on this blog that I don’t remember writing, revealing details that I considered sharing but then rejected. Oh well. At least there would probably be more regular updates!

*     *     *

UPDATE: So, I complained to the florist. I mostly just wanted an explanation of what happened, but it seems that they really do care about their customers. Today, I was surprised by the florist on my door with the original flowers that I ordered (in a slightly different, but very fun, vase), free of charge. So some times lost things have a way of being found? They’re certainly pretty flowers.

A bunch of bright spring flowers, including daisies.